Bendigo Writers Festival 2018

August 11-13, 2017


Dennis Altman

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Dennis Altman, AM, is a writer and academic who first came to attention with the publication of his book Homosexual: Oppression & Liberation in 1972. Since then he has written 13 books, exploring sexuality, politics and their inter-relationship in Australia, the United States and now globally.

Dennis is a Professorial Fellow in the Institute for Human Security at La Trobe University. He has held positions with the AIDS Society of Asia and the Pacific, and the Governing Council of the International AIDS Society. Dennis has appeared on the ABC’s Q&A and is co-author of Queer Wars.

Speaker Events

  • Tomorrowland


    Enough of the here and now. Let's cast our minds forward, a decade, say, and ask Toby Walsh, Dennis Altman, Read More
  • It Changed the World

    It Changed the World

    Dennis Altman’s Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation, was one of THE books of the 1970s, up there with Greer’s Female Eunuch Read More
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