Bendigo Writers Festival 2018

August 11-13, 2017


Kaz Cooke, Denise Scott & Judith Lucy

We finished Festival 2017 with these three fabulous women, lighting up beautiful Ulumbarra Theatre with a conversation about the latest Lucy-Scott collaboration, The Disappointments.

Kenan Malik

London-based writer, Kenan Malik, spoke about his books, The Quest for a Moral Compass and From Fatwa to Jihad. He’s shown here with journalist and La Trobe University Vice Chancellor’s fellow, Tony Walker.

John Flaus & John Marsden

A very special event at historic Star Cinema in Eaglehawk: John Marsden talking about poems he loves with John Flaus reading them.

John Safran

Writer and documentary-maker John Safran talked to David Astle about Depends What You Mean By Extremist.


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