Bendigo Writers Festival 2018

August 11-13, 2017


Paul Barclay

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Paul Barclay is a Walkley Award winning journalist and broadcaster with an appetite for ideas and in-depth analysis and discussion.

Paul has produced countless stories over more than twenty years for an array of programs on virtually all ABC radio networks.

He is the presenter of the Big Ideas program on ABC RN and from time to time you will see him appearing on ABC TV.

Speaker Events

  • The Moral Tightrope

    The Moral Tightrope

    The history of ethics is as much about social needs and political desires as it is about religion. In his Read More
  • Another Go

    Another Go

    Being young can make you reckless. And it even for the not-so-young, there are things we do, ways we behave, Read More
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