Bendigo Writers Festival 2018

August 11-13, 2017


The Long Goodbye


Behind projects such as the huge Adani coalmine in Queensland, behind the competing rhetoric about climate change, behind the despair about the future of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, there are the thoughts, words and actions of workers, scientists, activists and politicians.

Anna Krien has turned her formidable reporting skills to the urgent topic of coal, coral and the “climate deadlock”.

She talks with Claire Flanagan-Smith about toxic politics, controversial economics and where effective action is to be found.

The Outsider’s Insights

Born in Italy, growing up in country Victoria, and with three brothers in the police force – seems Mark Brandi was destined to write crime.

But it was a life-challenging accident that was the catalyst for him to take the risky leap from a job to a writing career. His debut crime novel, Wimmera, is about a “small town” (Stawell) with a “big secret”.

He talks with Stephanie Corsetti about his influences, from country pubs to Nick Cave’s music, about real-life justice and fictional crime, and about how he found his own writing voice in Wimmera.

It Changed the World

Dennis Altman’s Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation, was one of THE books of the 1970s, up there with Greer’s Female Eunuch and Singer’s Animal Liberation.

He is joined by ABC Science Show’s Robyn Williams to talk about those heady years, and what’s happened since, in the battle to challenge ignorance and social prejudice.

Walking tour Central Bendigo Monuments

Friday and Saturday, noon-1pm, departs from and returns to the Capital front porch.

Join Bendigo Historical Society’s Carol Holsworth for a stroll around the cultural precinct, starting from the Capital on View Street, to Alexandra Fountain, on to Queen Victoria, past Sir John Quick, then to George Lansell, on to John Walker’s South African War Memorial monument, across the Bendigo Creek to Ola Cohn’s drinking fountain, then up the gentle slope of Rosalind Park to the rear of the Bendigo Art Gallery.



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