Bendigo Writers Festival 2018

August 11-13, 2017


Ulumbarra Theatre Foyer

The elegant spaces of Ulumbarra were created within the shell of the City’s 1860s Sandhurst Gaol, utilising the extraordinary stonework of this penitentiary in a way that is impressive.

The foyer spaces are both comfortable and interesting, providing a unique atmosphere for creative events.

Light-filled and functional, the Foyer has excellent acoustics and comfort, with easy access to the bar and café.

Ulumbarra is a five-minute walk from View Street, behind the Capital and Bendigo Art Gallery.

Maryborough Railway Station

With its glorious timber ceiling and tile-floor entrance, Maryborough Railway Station so surprised Mark Twain when he visited in 1895, he famously called it a railway station with a town attached.

The train still runs daily, but the building is now better known for its lovely café and gallery, which serves up excellent coffee and meals to locals and tourists.

Its long red brick façade with characteristic cream stucco is dominated by the tall clock tower.

Old Court House Dunolly

Once the Town Hall, the splendid Old Court House in the Dunolly Historic Precinct is an intimate venue with excellent acoustics and fittings.

It operated as a court house from 1887 to 1979. A two-minute walk from Broadway and the Town Hall, the Old Court House is part of a restored group of buildings which includes stables and lockup as well as a 1950s police station.

Dunolly is 60km west of Bendigo, in the heart of the Central Goldfields shire.

Star Cinema Eaglehawk

Star Cinema is in the grand Eaglehawk Town Hall, ten minutes from View Street in Central Bendigo.

The Cinema, known as Star Pictures, began operating almost 100 years ago, but closed in the 1960s.

It was reopened as Star Cinema by Joan Rodgers, in 1999, with couches instead of hard seats and a bar. When Joan retired in 2004, it was kept operating by the Star Community Cinema Association.

Star Cinema uses the original projection room and ticket booth, and is a much valued part of the Eaglehawk community.


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