Bendigo Writers Festival 2018

August 11-13, 2017


Kaz Cooke

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Kaz is a cartoonist and best-selling author; her publisher calls her the Number One Advisor for Australian girls and women.

She makes her living writing, drawing and talking and has written more than 10 advice books for girls and women, including Up the Duff, Girls Stuff, Women’s Stuff and Kidwrangling.

She began her career as a cadet journalist at The Age newspaper, and soon lurched into other areas, producing her cartoon strip Hermoine the Modern Girl; and the first of many columns and books.

She still writes things, and talks in public and on the radio. And on the phone.

Kaz lives with her family (though “with a kayak instructor called Bunty in Costa Rica” would sound more interesting) and often works in her pyjamas (usually without leaving the house).

Her hobbies include reading, sewing in a straight line and shouting at the television news.

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