Bendigo Writers Festival 2018

August 11-13, 2017


Look out for Sleipnir

Image for Look out for Sleipnir

Melbourne City of Literature and Reykjavik City of Literature are two of the network created by UNESCO to promote books and reading.

Together, they have created a journey for a magical horse called Sleipnir, who comes from Norse mythology but is now very much a contemporary flying horse, with magical powers to invite the imagination of younger readers to soar.

In August, Sleipnir takes off from Reykjavik, and heads to Bendigo, where he’ll touch down – invisible but very present – at Text Marks the Spot schools day, at Bendigo Writers Festival.

Check out Sleipnir’s Travels here, and help him send postcards from wherever he lands – especially when he lands in Bendigo. Let’s show the world just what a creative place this Central Victorian heartland is.


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