Bendigo Writers Festival 2018

August 11-13, 2017


On Track: Thanks to our writers for a brilliant afternoon

The elegant Gallery space of the restored Maryborough Railway Café was packed out for this Bendigo Writers Festival “On Track” event with two of Australia’s most admired memoir writers and social commentators, Robyn Davidson and Raimond Gaita.

The topic was “Place and Memory”, a good starting point for these two writers so admired for their memoirs, Tracks and Romulus, My Father.

It prompted them to discuss the reliability of memory and the difference between book and film but also the need for a critical discourse in public affairs, as well as the difference between European and Indigenous responses to “country”.

Thanks to everyone for making this happen: Central Goldfields Shire, the Marborough Railway Station cafe, the Capital Venues and Events, Creative Victoria.

We call it joining the dots, and believe in the process as part of our joy in and obligation towards the positive, inclusive, inspiring pleasure of literature, words, ideas and conversation.

As Rai Gaita said, the good thing about a conversation is that it has no end. And in the making of conversation, we are able to find the best of ourselves and share it with others.


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