Post-millennial: The Meaning of Adulthood Today

 When it comes to generational divides, unflattering stereotypes abound. Baby-boomers are Beatles-obsessed real-estate hogs; Gen Xers are vinyl-fetishing finger-waggers and millennials are entitled, avocado-munching whiners.
Highlighting generational differences is a great way for journalists to get clicks, but how accurately do these categories really describe us? And, for the so-called ‘millennials’, what are the real and perceived differences in choices, attitudes and behaviour from older generations? Many of the traditional markers of maturity – marriage, kids, home-ownership – are proving elusive, unattainable or undesirable for today’s under-40s.
Emily Sexton hosts Clementine Ford, Kayla Rae Whitaker, Will Kostakis and Tom Taylor for a conversation that looks past the stereotypes to examine the changing nature of adulthood in Australia today.
Presented in partnership with the Wheeler Centre