Bendigo Writers Festival 2018

August 11-13, 2017


Margot Spalding

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Mimi The Label is the new baby of Margot & Alan Spalding.
For more than 20 years they set the trend in furniture fashion as Mr & Mrs Possum, creators of the furniture design business, Jimmy Possum, based in Bendigo. Their signature was extraordinary colour and exquisitely created pieces.

Speaker Events

  • icon How to Impress
  • icon Good Life Sunday
Former Vogue editor, novelist and fashion writer Kirstie Clements is joined by Bendigo's Margot Spalding - who has launched her new fashion label Mimi - to reminisce about how they got started, where they found inspiration and what drives them, hosted by fashion retailer and one of the driving forces behind Vibrant Central Bendigo, Fiona Rooke. Read More
Indulge in good food, good talk and good ideas at Ulumbarra. Supported by Bendigo Tourism and the Food Fossickers network 10am GOOD FROM THE START Meet herb growers, winemakers, cheesemakers, check out the olives, charcuterie, bread and chocolate. 10.15am Sonia Anthony from Masons of Bendigo launches her book, A Sense of Place, published by Amy Doak's Of the World, about Central Victoria's exceptional food producers. 11.15-12.15pm ULTIMATE FOOD Anthony Huckstep does food holds barred. One of the writers of the new Australian Fish and Seafood Cookbook, he's got more attitude than a plate of smashed avocado, and writes like he eats - very well indeed. He talks to Bryley Savage. 12.30-1.15pm THE MIDSUMMER GARDEN To write her lyrical, evocative novel, Kirsty Manning researched herbs and gardens from 15th century France to contemporary Tasmania. She talks with journalist and neighbour, Sara James, about the romance, beliefs and knowledge behind her Midsummer Garden. 1.30pm-2.30pm GO NATIVE Angus Stewart's grandmother, who painted wildflowers, was named Daisy Wood, so of course he became a horticulturalist and the leading expert in breeding garden-friendly native plants. AB Bishop's journey to her Environmental Living Zone home in Melbourne was via Dover, South Africa and Nauru. While they agree the Australian Native Garden has come of age, they also know everyone has a different idea of what makes a stunning garden. They talk with Jennifer Alden about their own plant philosophies and the harmonious multicultural gardens that inspire them. 2.45-3.45pm HOW TO AFFORD THE GOOD LIFE Scott Pape's bestselling Barefoot Investor  clears away so much of the anxiety that comes from too much information competing for our attention. Scott  talks to Margot Spalding about why he wrote the book, what he's learned along the way and how he makes his own good life work. 4pm-5pm FAVOURITE THINGS A tiny object worth nothing but the memory it evokes. A special tool that enables the pleasure of creative work. A person, an animal, a house, something picked up in the beach. Fashion writer Kirstie Clements, music writer Christopher Lawrence, and family advocate Chloe Shorten share their favourite things with Fiona Parker. Read More