Tree Change

It used to mean moving from the city to the country for a less stressed lifestyle.

But now, the term “tree change” means something much more complex and inspiring for those who are thinking about human interaction with our natural environment.

Katie Holmes from La Trobe University’s Centre for the Study of the Inland hosts biologist and author of Songs of Trees, David George Haskell, fiction writer Cate Kennedy and horticulturalist Angus Stewart.

Australia’s post-settlement history is littered with reckless misunderstanding of the inland, and the landscape seemed so alien and uninviting to those who, like Bendigo’s miners, looked to it only to tame it or plunder it.

The trees are, in part, back, and with them, a different kind of writing about people in the landscape.

Join this distinguished panel to share a conversation about peopling the inland in new ways.